Y2K Fashion Trends: A Comeback

Fashion Trends

Going through one of the most iconic fashion eras was a treat and a half. From Lizzie McGuire’s hairstyles to Carrie Bradshaw’s dresses, we were all there for it. Think Bratz dolls, “One Tree Hill,” “Legally Blonde,” the Kardashians?!

If we’ve learnt anything from our wardrobe seasons, it is this, “What goes around, makes it way back in fashion.” From Ariana Grande to Dua Lipa and Doja Cat to Anwar Hadid, we’ve had the Y2K lookbook come back with a bang. In case you’re still wondering what it’s all about, let’s tick off the fashion moments that we can all recreatre

1.  Low rise pants

If you didn’t immediately think of Miss Britney Spears, I’m sorry but you can’t sit with us. She’s the queen of low-rise pants because she is staying on brand and slaying and so can you.

2.  Tracksuit too cute

Juicy Couture’s velour tracksuit walked so that yoga pants could run. The mother of athleisure and the definition of insanely priced tracks. Here’s looking at Paris Hilton for that “juicy” inspo.

3.  Bandana oh na na

Let’s all just accept that our bandana tops were once hairbands. If you hair’s on fleek, look no further than Christina Aguilera and Kiely Williams for bandana goals.

4.  Bere… Newsboy caps

Remember the newsboy caps?You now have permission to wear them all you want, by order of the Peaky Blinders! They were everywhere. Jenny from the Block to Ashton Kutcher adorned the piece at red carpets and also while casually strolling. The colors and bedazzling one could do with it, was unparalleled.

5.  Tints leave no hints

Bad hair day, uneven cateye, puffy eyes – you can hide them all under those big you-didn’t-see-me sunglasses! You could amp up your outfit from 0 to 100 just by throwing these on. We see you, Brad Pitt.

6.  Denim takeover

Okay, maybe Britney and Justin Timberlake killed all our dreams back in 2001 but it’s almost been a decade and it’s time we rewrote that script. 

7.  Bedazzled wasn’t just a movie

You know you’re in the 2000s when you see everything bedazzled. Just so much glitter everywhere. EVERYWHERE! On phones, denim, hair and even Paris Hilton’s puppy wasn’t spared What has changed? We now have shimmer palettes in all shades because there’s no such thing as too much sparkle.

8.  Leggings but wait…

Leggings swam their way out of athleisure and into fashion. Casual coffee run to a Lindsay look, anything goes with leggings. 

9.  Heeled boots

Winter is coming and so are the heeled boots. Strut away to the new decade with a little reminder from the past. 

10.  Eastern fashion

Everyone went all out on the boho-chic influences in the ‘70s with the Flower Power movement. This continued to the 2000s and even still with Japanese Lolita fashion. Inspiration from outside has always been a fashionable thing to do.

Some of these trends may not seem totally off the radar for our Gen Z’ers. With more emphasis on revamping old trends, it’s just a matter of time before we start seeing the dreaded bedazzled phones again.

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