Why Crossword is the caffeine you need!

Clues to your Daily Themed Crosswords

Multitaskers or not, we are all multi-thinkers. Research suggests that on any given day our brain produces as many as 50,000 thoughts! That’s a whole lot of thinking to be done in a day, isn’t it? Sure, great organizational skills come handy but simply starting the day right can go a long way too.

It is no surprise that one of the most preferred daily routine that guarantees a sweet sense of accomplishment comes from completing the humble word puzzle we all know as crosswords. Such is the power of crosswords that it still enjoys enviable popularity among word game fans. It’s not unusual to find people poring over their daily dose of crossword in subways, cafes, parks and even parking lots!

What once started as a pen-and-paper puzzle in newspapers, mostly to give the readers a little more than just news, has today become much more exciting and accessible, thanks to mobile gaming! Drawing from the huge popularity enjoyed by word games, Daily Themed Crossword(DTC) is a mobile game conceptualized to give the crossword experience a whole new meaning while retaining its simplicity and authenticity. With a wide variety of themes covering every genre and the promise of a new crossword each day, players are in for a special treat with this mobile game.

Solving Daily Themed Crossword over coffee

Curated to give the player a far more engaging experience while also being accessible to all, Daily Themed Crossword is a free to download mobile game available on both iOS and Android devices. Packed with great crosswords and fun features, this game truly makes the brilliance of crosswords available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With a unique theme for each day of the week, ranging from space to sports and poets to starlets, this mobile word game truly drives home the message that there is a crossword for each one of us. A whole range of themed mini crossword packs are available too for those looking for a quick word game. Cryptic words, funny puns, unique trivia, the striking clues guarantee some laughter, head scratches and a whole lot more. You may have to race your mind with a silly riddle or perhaps even hum a few lines from “Billy Jean” to fill a word.

Multiple themes within Daily Crossword game

An addictive habit for some and a favorite pastime for many, solving a crossword is a great way to de-stress while indulging in a little brain exercise. Learning new words aside, with Daily Themed Crossword from PlaySimple Games you will chance upon new information each day. Talk about killing two birds with one game!

So where do you begin? Download Daily Themed Crossword from PlaySimple Games and instantly get access to hundreds of unique puzzles. Solve a new crossword every day or simply choose one from a previous date or perhaps even a different theme and start playing. Collect your rewards as you play along and use them to reveal a hint when you find yourself needing some help. After all, completing a crossword is no less than achieving a minor milestone and we could all use a little help sometimes.

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