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Are you one of those people who lives and breathes crossword puzzles? You could be a word ninja who loves good wordplay or you could just be starting out, discovering the world of word games. Wherever you are in your crossword journey, we’re sure you will fall into one of these categories.

We present to you some of the different types of players in our game. Read on to find which of these strikes a chord with you!

1. The newbie

You have just begun playing Daily Themed Crossword and cannot wait to unravel fresh themes every day. You’re excited to come across new words and super stoked to learn new facts. Welcome on board!

2. The early bird gets the word!

You’re a morning person who cannot get through the day without getting your daily dose of the day’s crossword. It’s like your very own cup of morning coffee. You solve our puzzles first thing in the morning because you find it satisfying to discover the day’s theme and it’s a great start to your day.

3. Midday shenanigans

You get your creative edge when the clock strikes noon, during your “me” time. We know you don’t like any distractions while solving your puzzle for the day. We are already going gaga over that focus.

4. It’s all in the “across”

You go about solving all the words in the across section to make your way through the crossword. And voila! It’s very likely that you need almost no assistance to breeze through the puzzle. We think that’s pretty impressive!

5. “Crossing” it over

You play around with the crossword grid, discovering words in the across and down sections simultaneously. You love decoding all the clues to find the hidden words. We see a great eye for detail.

6. Tea-time fun

As words simmer in your mind, you pour them down and brew your perfect puzzle. Ah, the good old combo of some afternoon tea and some food for thought. You truly appreciate the finer things of life

7. Bedtime, crossword time!

All you need for good sleep is a dose of some crossword. You find it super-relaxing to end your day on a creative note. Solving the crossword every night is just the right end to your great day.

8. Always game for more!

You have a huge appetite to play plenty of crosswords throughout the day. You always crave for that one extra archived crossword. We love your gusto for the game and it keeps us going!

9. It’s a full house!

As a family, you love playing Daily Themed Crossword and even challenge each other as to who plays the fastest. You love bonding over games. We love the spirit!

10. The veteran

You have consistently been playing every puzzle and now, you can call yourself an expert player who gets it right every single time. Kudos to you!

This was a fun take on our players. What do you think? Where do you fit in? Let us know in the comments below.


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