Do you want to make an impact around the world? Are you concerned about the plastic waste that is dumped into the oceans and the landfills, year after year? Would you like to do your bit but don’t know how? Turns out, it’s not as hard as we imagine it to be. Small steps add up to big changes, you’ll see how. 

Living a sustainable life is the first step towards making this dream come true. For the uninitiated, sustainability is all about adopting earth-friendly practices. In today’s time, it is increasingly important to make sustainable living a priority. However, don’t fret thinking of it as a daunting task! Here are some simple steps to make zero waste living a reality(well, almost!) 

  • First things first, here is the golden rule: Remember the five Rs viz. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. 

Refuse a product if you don’t really need it. (Say hello to minimalism)

Reduce the amount of waste generated (conscious consumerism, much?)

Reuse whatever you can before you throw it away. (one product, many facets)

Recycle in any way you can (upcycling is the new cool!)

Rot, as in compost as and when you can( Food for thought..err..plants?) 

  • Ladies, have you considered switching to natural cosmetics, like shampoo bars and solid deodorants? Trust us, they’re a win-win!
  • CYOB(Carry Your Own Bag): This is the simplest swap there is! Swap takeaways and shopping bags with cloth bags. You can even DIY your own tote and make a fashion statement.
  • Do a waste audit: Know what goes into your waste and take action. Segregate your waste so you know what can be recycled. 
  • Make the switch to a bamboo (or anything compostable) toothbrush. Isn’t it a lovely feeling, watching greens grow from your very own compost? 
  • Check if you can get your groceries directly from the farm or bulk-buying stores, where you can carry your containers. After all, packaging comes with a lot of plastic.  
  • Consider carrying reusable or compostable cutlery. You don’t realize how badly you need a steel or bamboo straw until you have one. 
  • You could swap plastic wrappers with organic wax papers for refrigerator storage.
  • Often, we throw out used cooking oil, which could clog the drains. Did you know it could be donated to be recycled into fuel?
  • Adopt “Slow Fashion” which is all about opting for apparel that is sustainably produced. 
  • Go eco-friendly when gifting and spread the word. 

Lastly, remember, one small step at a time can move the needle. 

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