What if we told you that you could have your cake, and eat it too? And that planning your next event could be a cakewalk? Why all this ‘cake’ talk, you ask? Considering all the details that entail any event, allow us to get your mind off the dessert section by helping you select that perfect cake to quite simply, make the day! 

We have curated a list of cake types, from basic to lavish, that are trending and are absolutely drool-worthy. So go ahead and grab a bite!

1. Mug cakeComfort in a mug

Mug cakes are perfect for snuggly, impromptu patio parties that you plan with your best friend or significant other. Not only is a mug cake simple and easy to prepare, but it also makes for a comfort cake for that special occasion. 

If you’re craving some cake on the go, this one comes to the rescue!

2. No-bake cheesecakeA creamy delight!

Who doesn’t love an extra-creamy cheesecake? And this trending no-bake cheesecake gives you all the more reason to rejoice. The goodness of cakes without all the baking? Why not? No-bake cakes are all the rage in today’s times.

Try out this cheesecake the next time you have a family gathering, and celebrate the spirit of togetherness in style.

3. Birthday cupcakesSmall but significant

As the saying goes, good things sometimes come as small packages. What could be more warm and fuzzy than a cupcake? Celebrating birthdays with cute cupcakes is a trend that’s here to stay! 

For a subtle, yet memorable birthday party, these cupcakes are the right choice.

4. Rainbow cakeA palate full of colors

What better way to celebrate an important occasion than indulging in vibrant colors? Rainbow cakes are in vogue and make excellent choices for lavish parties, be it a birthday bash, a fancy office party, or even a kids’ party — Kids, particularly, are sure to go gaga over it. 

Celebrate the occasion with this attractive cake, which is as much a feast to the tongue as it is to the eye. 

6. Gluten-free cakeA healthy indulgence

Craving for a cake sans calories and without all the guilt? Voila! Here is the much talked about gluten-free cake. Just switch a few ingredients, and there you have it! You could bake it simple or go for a sophisticated cake, depending on the occasion.

For those of you who would like to give a healthy touch to the good old cake, this is a must-try! 

7. Monogram cakeFor a personal touch

Monogram cakes are the red-hot cake trend. These macaroon-topped customized number or letter cakes are sheer elegance and they have appeared on our Instagram feeds at one point or another. 

Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday, a special occasion calls for a special dessert, so celebrate your day with this customized cake.

8. Ombre cakeIt’s all in the layers

Ombre cakes are layered cakes with gradients of a single color that define them, usually from light to dark. They look simple but are, in fact, quite intricate and it takes an icing and frosting expert to make a perfect ombre cake.

If you prefer artsy-looking cakes, this one’s for you.

9. Tall cakeDig in deeper

If you’ve ever felt like all the cake in the world isn’t enough, wait till you try out a tall cake and dig into layers of goodness! Treat yourself to this indulgent cake to celebrate festive occasions with fervor. Make the occasion stand tall (pun intended) with this cake that has been trending for a while now.

10. Fault line cakePeek-a-boo

For a bit of a surprise element and well, chiseled “imperfection” (read beauty), you have got to try out the trendy fault-line cake. The crevice in the middle of the cake is often filled with cookies and sprinkles.

Try this creative cake at your next party. 

11. Painted cake Where art meets cake

There’s painting on a canvas, and then there’s painting on a cake. Edible art. Isn’t that wonderful? Behind every stroke, lies a story unheard. For an extra-special occasion such as a wedding, we recommend going in for an exquisite and bespoke painted cake which celebrates the joy of love.

Which cake trend caught your attention? We’d love to know! Let us know in the comments below!

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