Is there such a thing as too much dessert? We think not. Brace yourself, because we are about to go on a sweet trip!

What’s more, you can make these desserts all by yourself in the comfort of your home.

All right then, dig right in!

Nanaimo BarCanada’s most loved confectionery 

Deriving its name from the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia in Canada, this no-bake dessert can be whipped up instantly with just a few ingredients – cocoa powder, graham crackers, butter, custard powder and sugar. There are three easy-to-make layers of goodness: a cracker crumb base, custard icing filling and some chocolate ganache on top. The next time you have a kids’ party, you know what to serve.

Brigadeiro A chocolate carnival from Brazil 

Imagine the joy of being able to plate up a fancy dessert in less than twenty minutes. 

Brigadeiros are decadent chocolate balls, made from condensed milk and cocoa powder, and rolled with chocolate sprinkles. All you have to do is melt condensed milk with cocoa powder, allow it to cool and roll in chocolate sprinkles. This has got to be on your “under 15 minutes” quick desserts list. 

Needless to say, they are sure to be loved by everyone at your garden party. 

Churros Spanish “twist” to desserts 

Here’s something that does not require you to be the Jordi Roca of desserts! You’ll need all-purpose flour, butter, eggs, cinnamon, and sugar. Whip up the dough and deep fry using a nozzle (You could use a simple DIY nozzle). Roll in some cinnamon and sugar, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to pair it with some hot chocolate for that perfect Fall combo.

Dodol Treat to tickle your taste buds

We bet you wouldn’t stop with just one of these! Dodol is a delicacy from Asia, most commonly savored in India and Indonesia. Made from coconut milk, palm jaggery, and rice flour, this simple three-ingredient dessert can be made while you enjoy your daily Netflix.  

Making oh-so-yummy desserts has never been easier! 

Kheer Indulge in some fine dining 

Here is a royal dish from India that can double up as your after-dinner dessert. You can make it with vermicelli, rice or broken wheat. Here is a quick recipe for vermicelli kheer. 

Dry roast vermicelli or rice in clarified butter. Bring a cup of milk to a boil. Add in the roasted vermicelli/rice, bring the mixture to a boil. Garnish with nuts and cardamom powder. 

Add in some condensed milk if you’re feeling extra that day. Serve it hot or chilled, either way it’s a star.

Pavlova Delicacy from down under 

Named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this meringue cake is the pride of Australia and New Zealand. Loved by travelers and locals alike, this cake is definitely a must in your gastronomic journey.

Whip up the meringue, bake and garnish with fruits. And just like that, in just a few simple steps, the pavlova is ready to eat. 

Vispipuuro Comfort food for the hungry soul 

Think porridge? Think Vispipuuro! 

If you prefer a bowl of pink delight, this one’s for you! All the way from Finland, this Nordic dessert is soul food in a bowl. Made from lingonberry and semolina, this easy-to-prep dish makes for great company on a winter night. 

All you need to do is boil some lingonberry juice, add in some sugar and salt, and finally some semolina. Allow it to thicken and whip it up when cool. Voila! 

Poire (Pears) belle Helene It’s Princess Diaries all over again! 

We have saved the best for the last. Hailing from France, Poire belle Hélène is a delight. Made from pears poached in sugar syrup, and served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, this dessert is perfect for your date night at home. Classic restaurant masterpiece that is easy to dish up in less than a half-hour. Win-win, isn’t it?

We’d love to know which of these you’re going to try. 

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