It is often said that cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt and they have not forgotten this. And as many cat parents would agree, they really don’t seem like they’ve forgotten their deity status. 

It is also quite true that until you’ve fostered or parented a cat, it can be quite hard to empathize with these furry, funny creatures.

So in honor of these seemingly aloof but truly amazing creatures, we’ve listed some endearing quirks of cats and cat people, to bring you one step closer to loving these feline beauties.

Without further ado, let us try to break down some of the kitty/cat people quirks:

Catto Quirks:
The internet is dedicated to millions of cute, hilarious and downright weird cat videos, and we are here for all of them!

  • Kneading:
    Maybe they were bread makers on the planet they hail from, maybe they aspire to be breadmakers on this one. All jokes aside, one of the most endearing things cats do is knead, whether it’s a soft cushion or your belly rolls, they will knead it. And as a cat parent, you know you’ve reached a comfort milestone when your cat starts kneading.  
  • Weird Presents:
    Contrary to popular belief, cats are very attuned to emotional changes, have a good memory, and are grateful creatures. However, the way they express this gratitude sometimes can be pretty unsettling, especially if you’re new to cats. They are good little hunters who love to bring small birds, lizards (“eeks”), rats (double “eeks”), and other small animals they hunt home for you as a token of their appreciation. And boy do they get miffed if you throw the “presents” away.
  • Obsession with boxes:
    This one actually plays into their love for cozy nooks that they can fit into on account of their flexible spines. Although it seems more like they have zero regards for the expensive cat tower you ordered online for them, and are fascinated more by the box it came in. As you can guess, this is equal parts amusing and frustrating for cat parents.

Cat People Quirks:
“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” While Sigmund Freud may not have uttered these words, it rings true for all cat people.

  • Talking to the cats:
    Love some cat therapy? Don’t let their intelligent looks or the almost human-like intelligence that they display fool you. Your cat is most likely that rebel child who will listen to you and then go right ahead and do the opposite of what they’re told. *Breatheee*
  • Seemingly immune to scratches:
    Annual tetanus shots are a part of your life, and tbh, the scratches don’t even sting as much. Cat parents carry these scars proudly and fondly with them. After all, are you even a cat parent, if you haven’t once been shaken by the thought of losing an eyeball in a playful pawing with your cat?
  • An infinite supply of cat hair, everywhere:
    It’s really hard to tell if the hair is from cats rubbing up against your legs when you walk around the house or if it’s from their bizarre love of sitting in piles of clothing (freshly laundered or otherwise), but as a cat parent, it really can be a challenge to find any clothes that don’t have traces of cat fur on it.

We hope this helped you to get to know cats and understand cat people a little better. And if you’re a cat parent, let us know your cat story in the comments below.

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