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Casual clothing has made a comeback. Yes, you read that right! Who says you need to spend a fortune or hunt down designer labels to rock your fashion game? What if we tell you that you could achieve your fashion goals by “keeping it simple”?

With that in mind, we have curated below, a list of fashion trends from 2020 that are casual, yet chic. 

1. Rock your PJs and that messy bun

This look is as easy as it gets! We picture you juggling between emails and virtual meetings while you work from home, for the most part. And what better way to feel comfortable than by wearing a pair of super-soft pajamas, slipping on a casual tee, and tying up a messy bun, with your glasses adding in some extra spunk?

2. The return of the oversized tee

We all have that one oversized tee that we almost never wear. Well, it’s time to get it out of the wardrobe and up your fashion game by a notch. Oversized tees that double up as tee shirt dresses are just the thing you need this fashion season. You could pair them up with casual sneakers or loafers and you’re good to go!

3. Bring back the bandannas

Bandannas were all the rage in the early 2000s. Why not bring them back in action? And no, you don’t even need to buy one. Just pick up a colorful scarf and wrap it around as a stole or as a bandanna. Colorful accessories bring in a fun twist to casuals, wouldn’t you agree?

4. The all-white ensemble

There’s something almost magical about the color white. Subtle, yet royal. Picture yourself in an all-white ensemble this season, You could wear your good old white shirt and pair it up with white pants or a long, white skirt. Or you could keep it casual or wear all-white formals for your next meeting. Go white!

5. Upcycled denim

Yoohoo, denim lovers! Don’t know what to do with your old pair of jeans? Upcycle them. Bring out the eco-warrior in you and make a statement that’s earth-friendly. Denim isn’t just a fashion trend that never goes away but is also robust and versatile in more ways than we can imagine. Re-use your denim as bags, jackets, or pretty much anything else.

6. The quintessential bra top

Ladies, what if we told you that fashion and comfort aren’t exclusive to each other? Say hello to the super-comfortable bra top. You could pair it up with denim or shorts. You could even wear an unbuttoned shirt over it for a stylish, yet comfy look.

7. The tropical look

Who doesn’t love the feel of a good holiday? Get the tropical, traveler look in just a few simple steps. You don’t need to travel to exotic destinations. All you need to do is sport a beaded necklace, or a bracelet and a hat. You could even pair it up with your formal wear to bring an element of fun.

8. The “one-size-fits-all” bag

Fashion meets utility. No prize for guessing! Big bags are back in vogue. And why not? You can fit almost everything you need and carry them around with ease. They not only make for a great accessory but also come in very handy.

9. Wear it loose

Go easy, go breezy. Give yourself a break from all that body-fitting clothing and slip on something that’s loose, like a frock, a shirt, your baggy pants, or an onesie. With loose clothing, style definitely meets comfort. Wouldn’t you say so?

10. The mask movement

With masks being the new normal, they make their foray into the world of casual fashion. From special-printed masks to the basic ones, they defined 2020. Wear them stylish, wear them safe! 

What do you think of these trends? Would you like to try any for yourselves? Let us know in the comments below!


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