Hey, hey! Another year has just rolled by and what a year that was! 

Well, let’s make things a little off-the-wall this year, shall we? For the ardent (and not so ardent) resolution seekers, we have curated a list of “crossword resolutions” you can try along with your other goals. 

“Wow, a crossword resolution? What is that?” You’ll see! Read on to find out.

1. Shoot for those stars! – Crunch crosswords faster by the second

Daily Themed Crossword - A new theme everyday - YouTube

As a crossword lover, do you want to solve the puzzles a tad faster and beat the clock? The good news is that you can get those coveted three stars with every puzzle. All it takes is a bit of familiarity and some practice. 

So, do you want to collect more of them?

2. Play through more puzzles – The more, the merrier

Have you ever wanted to just go on a crossword binge and solve all the puzzles that are out there? With so many themed puzzles and easy-breezy daily minis out there, we can imagine!  

Do you enjoy being a word wizard? Come on, put your game face on!

3, Play for fun, play for frolic – Unwinding never got better!

Want to play crossword puzzles just for the fun and sheer joy of it? Yup, we hear you! For many of us, crosswords are a way to relax and end the day on a calming note. 

Word lovers, here’s wishing you have a great time!

4. Get on the Weekly Quests – Go the long haul for great rewards!

Daily Themed Crossword - A new puzzle everyday! - YouTube

Are you a “gimme more” person? Do you love the weekly quests and the grand rewards that come along with it? Do themed quests excite you? 

Chug chug! Hop on for some exploration…

5. Ace that grand tourney – Get your A-game on!


We all love some healthy competition that challenges us, don’t we? Do you love seeing your name high up on the leaderboard? Do you often challenge your friends for a game or two? We love the competitive zest! 

Go on, go forth!

6. Explore more themes – Get them all in your kitty

Daily Themed Crossword May 21 2019 Answers

Are you excited about Music Mondays every week? Maybe you have a favorite day in the week where you just cannot wait to unravel the day’s puzzle?  Did we guess that right? But would you also like to explore other themes and get acquainted with them? 

In any case, we are rooting for you!

7. Play along with your loved ones – Bond over crosswords

Socializing over a game can be a great way to bond and have a gala time. You could solve as a team or pose a quick challenge. We’d love to hear stories of you solving the crosswords with your friends and/or family. 

Who is your go-to person for all things crossword?

8. Be a Vocab Vulture – Learn new words on the go

Some of us love learning new words to expand our vocabulary and expression. Solving crosswords facilitates this learning process creatively. 

Here’s to the joy of discovering! To the excitement of learning, cheers! 

9. Solve a crossword puzzle every day – A crossword a day keeps boredom at bay!

daily themed crossword (1) - YouTube

Ah, this one’s fun! Do you love getting your dose of crossword-induced freshness into your day, every day? We feel you! You’re bitten and smitten by the word bug! 

Alright then, let’s keep the spirit sparkling! 

10. Trip over some trivia Fun facts to keep you entertained

Are you always the one to introduce yourself with a fun fact? Do you love reading tidbits of trivia? Crosswords are laced with trivia and general knowledge. Come to think of it, it’s quite amazing just how much information there is to stumble upon. 

May you always be surprised with fun facts! Amen.

We hope you enjoyed reading this piece. What’s your crossword goal? Did we leave out any? Let us know in the comments below.

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