If you’re an Instagrammer and are looking to level up your IG aesthetics without breaking the bank on an influencer-approved camera, read on. In this lazy-grammer’s hack to the perfect Insta account, we tell you how easy and fun it can be to develop your own personal style on the gram.

Disclaimer – No influencer has contributed to the article but we bet they’d approve too!

1.  Underlays always slay!

White is in, especially with the comeback of the polaroid camera. That vintage look is actually a lot easier to get if you can get hold of some classic polaroid templates. Cue, the photo editing app Canva  where you can find hundreds of cool templates and features that you can mix and match!

2. Three’s not a crowd

When we talk about layouts, the 3-pictures formula is the way to go! The easiest possible way to get that uniform artsy vibe is to take three pictures in the same outfit, same location but different poses (if you’re up for it). If not, just change the second pic and repeat the first and third one and voila your page will look Art Director-approved! Remember, you don’t have to feature in these pics, if you have a small business and want to do something fun for your Instagram community, apply the 3-pic rule to your flat lays.

3.  Pastels are unparalleled

Love a pop of color but don’t want it to look like a unicorn threw up on your page? Trust pastels to do the trick. These soft, muted tones achieve that fun and eye-appealing look.  

4.  Earth it, worth it

Think mossy greens and rustic reds, colors that immediately remind you of wet earth and rainy days. Sounds like a palette that screams you? The vignette option on the edit tool on Instagram is where you can play with these tones/highlights and create a page that truly represents you.

5.  VSCO girl takeover

VSCO has been around for a while and so has editing photos to bring out that oomph. Photo editing apps are big (not you FaceTune). Some free photo-editing apps you can use for that Insta aesthetic are Snapseed, Lightroom, Prizma and PicsArt.

6.  Monochrome it all

Love the self-assured black and white works of your favorite photographers? Don’t be scared. Monochromes never failed anyone. Whether it’s a black and white portrait or a monochrome outfit, bringing this bold uniformity to your page will in time give your page that professional look we all love scrolling through.

7.   Challenge your style

Instagram is famous for photo challenges. In 2020 alone, we saw the pillow challenge and the Vogue challenge take IG by storm. How do you take up the challenge without breaking the look of your well-curated page? Easy. Do it your way. Add a touch of your style to the challenge and post it with pride!

8.  Be you

While it’s fun to curate your page to perfection, there’s nothing quite like bringing an unfiltered you to Social Media. So, if you’re not in the mood for any of the above, sit back, and share what you want to with the world.  Wear your stretch marks and acne scars like they were a page out of your life and slay it!

If all you’re trying to do is share what you love (self-indulgent selfies included) with the world, then we hope you will enjoy trying these tips to find your own unique style.  

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