Millennial food trends started blowing up ever since Instagram became a thing circa 2014-ish. We saw the unicorn ice cream, the black burger, the charcoal ice cream, and who can forget about the rainbow toast. Well, the hype subsided as we moved towards healthier eating habits.

With the growing awareness of what we consume, there has been a shift in eating habits. From getting take out almost every week to consciously choosing healthier alternatives, millennials have altered diets globally. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba have been vocal about exploring healthier alternatives.

So, let’s see some of the trends that are popular with Millennials and now, the Gen Z’ers.


As soon as people realized that avocados can be used for more than making guac, they went off. Only in 2016 did avocados blow up to become the Beyoncé of the millennial foods. Avocado toast is the recipe you’re looking for. Instead of paying $7 for it, you can just make it at home and feel bougie. Top your toast with some avocado, green onions, tomatoes and you’re good to go. Just add a perfectly poached egg if you’re feeling particularly adventurous that day


If the humble avocado is Beyoncé, then Kale surely has to be Jay-Z. From using it in salads to making smoothies out of it, the trend is going strong. The easiest way you can introduce Kale into your diet is through salads. Slowly start adding kale in the place of lettuce. Top it with a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar which is known to boost metabolism, and voila!


Millennials love their Instagram colors and Matcha gives them that perfect green for the ‘Gram. Remember when Kit Kat introduced a Matcha Green Tea flavor?  There has been no looking back since that entry. Many companies have incorporated the flavor into various things ranging from cakes to cold brews. But, the most famous ones are the rolled ice creams and froyos. You can’t get enough of those, can you?


This one has everyone catching mixed feelings. Jackfruit is used as a supplement to meat specifically pulled pork but recently The Impossible Burger has been making the rounds for all good reasons. This burger claims to use plant-based nutrients to recreate your All-American hamburger.  The burger may have a long battle ahead, but it sure is a moment of resurrection for our little Jackie, thanks to the millennials! 

Smoothie Bowls

Ever since fruits have become cool, smoothie bowls have become all the rage. Get some granola, add some frozen fruit, top it with fresh fruits and there you have it. A cute little smoothie bowl. Plus, you always feel like you’ve earned it after a workout.

Please don’t hate on the last one but,

Pineapple (on pizza)

Also known as the Hawaiian pizza which did not even originate in Hawaii (visible confusion). Although the trend came into being back in the ‘60s, millennials brought it back as a debate. Some love it, some hate it. Kinda like romcoms and parodies. Not loved widely but deeply. But, millennials are known for mixing and matching ingredients like many of those mentioned above.

Say what you may but us millennials have definitely started a chain reaction that’s having a ripple effect across the food industry. From vegan restaurants to farm-to-table brunches, these sure may look like trends, but on closer inspection, these are the results of the choices we’ve made collectively and are hopefully here to stay.

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