Social media is abuzz with family, friends, and even celebrities discovering new talents; from the humble kitchen to makeshift gyms, no space is under-utilized by this lot. But let’s be real, staying productive from home is a challenge that needs some prep.

While some of us may not make it to the next Masterchef or even the Ironman Triathlon, we can definitely make it to a better version of ourselves.

And with no further complication, let’s get started on simple steps to create a stress-free and productive lifestyle while working from home.

  • It’s all in the routine

Have a daily routine that works for you. Having a morning ritual that gives the right start to your day is as important as a night-time ritual that mentally prepares you to unplug. 

  • Where ART thou? 

Remember those hobbies that you no longer have the time for? Make time for it, start with an hour a week and let it become a renewed source of joy. The goal is not to make Etsy-worthy art or maybe it is, either way, find an outlet to channel your ideas and surprise yourself.

  • Tune out the inessential 

It’s important not to be consumed by the deluge of information there is. Find a few credible sources of news and trust that whatever is worth knowing will be covered. Try it, you’ll save countless hours of mindless scrolling.

  • Monitor your health

It is easy to ignore those little aches and pains when you’re within the safety of your home but this can also prove to be an unwise choice in hindsight. Be aware of the changes that your body is going through and reach out to experts as early for the sake of your health and some mental peace.

  • Get movin’! 

Do not forget to get your regular dose of exercise. We know it’s hard to start especially if you equate jumping jacks to torture, but remember that whether you start or not the clock’s going to keep ticking, and if you just begin then very soon you could be feeling a lot better and stronger. So give your body the love that it deserves.

  • Get dressed anyway! 

One of the best ways to switch to boss mode is a really simple hack. Get dressed! You’ll find yourself checking off that task list a lot quicker when you’re dressed for the desk and not the bed. 🙂

  • Declutter your space 

Whether you have a dedicated work desk or not, make sure you make yourself a comfortable and clutter-free space to think and function in. It takes five minutes to get the mess in order but it’s worth every second. 

Do you work from home? What are the things that work for you? We’d love to hear how you work like a rockstar out of the comforts of your home.

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