The Academy Awards are great for many reasons but mostly for giving us moments that go down in history as the most beautiful, brave, and sometimes even bizarre. We were lucky to have witnessed many such moments in the previous decade; moving acceptance speeches, historic wins, incredibly funny incidents, and some faux pas too. 

Below are our top picks from the Oscars. Read on!

Katheryn Bigelow makes history!

“The Hurt Locker” stood tall at the 82nd Academy Awards in 2010 by sweeping away most of the awards, and what made it even sweeter was Katheryn Bigelow’s win as the first woman to win an Academy Award for the Best Director!

The Franco- Hathaway Cosplay

The Oscars 2011 saw the Anne Hathaway-James Franco duo bring their comical best as the hosts. What we cannot unsee though, is the picture of James Franco dressed as Marilyn Monroe complete with a blonde wig!

Meryl (the great) Streep, strikes again!

It was her third Academy Award, and after a record seventeen nominations, at the 2012 Oscars, the queen remarked – “I could hear half of America go – Oh, no. C’mon, why? Her? Again?” Need we say more?

The J-Law fall

As Jeniffer Lawrence walked up the stairs to collect her award for Best Actress she had a little ermm…tipsy tumble, which she promptly acknowledged in her acceptance speech, making falling completely normal, even on a stage like that.  

The selfie that made Twitter crash!

Ellen DeGeneres and the who’s who of Hollywood taking a selfie reminded all of us of our friends. The only difference? Their selfie not only broke the record for the most number of retweets, but it also caused Twitter to crash!

Neil Patrick Harris’s Opening Act 

At the Oscars 2015, NPH paid tribute to the greatest movies of all time. It even featured Anna Kendrick and Jack Black! Nothing like a sweet Hollywood flashback.

Leo DiCaprio, wait for it, won the Oscar!

After a series of nominations and close brushes, in 2016 it was about time Leonardo DiCaprio won a statue for himself. And win he did. While the world could hardly keep it together, Leo calmly diverted the attention to climate change.

The award that wasn’t

In an epic goof-up of sorts, at the 2017 Oscars, the presenters first announced “La La Land” as the Best Picture. After a lot of hushed words and nervous nods, they apologized for having mixed up the envelope. The award then went to “Moonlight.”

The big Jet Ski win 

At the 2018 Oscars, host Jimmy Kimmel had a special prize for the shortest acceptance speech. In the end, Mark Bridges, the costume designer for “Phantom Thread” went home a happy man. Talk about double wins!

Not-so-shallow Performance!

Just like her 2016 performance about survivors, Lady Gaga yet again set the stage on fire with her performance. What can we say? The chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was almost as good as the movie.

Did we miss out on any? We would love to read your comments. Write away! 

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